mAsystent 2007.170 for Windows 10


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MAsystent program is a combination of the personal information management PIM (Personal Information Manager) software for customer relationship management or CRM (Customer Relationship Management). However, in contrast to the large-scale CRM solutions, mAsystent is easy to use while maintaining high functionality and specific features available in products PIM. Data that is entered into the program are divided into two categories. The first category is the private information available to the user only mAsystent are running on your computer. This data is stored in an encrypted format on your computer where you installed the program. The second category is also referred to as business data shared or companies. These data also stored in an encrypted form, to access other people working in the same LAN. This allows you to work on a common base address common document formats itp.Program mAsystent consists of the following modules: SCHEDULE - shows the class schedule for the day, having meetings, tasks, appointments, or even name-persons in the database directory. It also displays a card with a calendar which features a variety of information such as who is celebrated, sunrise / sunset, biorhythm, etc. WEEKLY SCHEDULE - shows all scheduled appointments, classes, etc. on a weekly basis, ie from Monday to Sunday. TABLE OF TERMS - lists all terms that are entered into the program mAsystent. From here you can easily manage, delete outdated entries available dates with other people, etc. PRIVATE JOBS - the list of things to do (called To-Do list) presents the tasks that must be done for example by the end of the month to write the report. TREASURY - to store information that should not fall into the wrong hands. This information include passwords, credit card numbers, PIN codes, etc. Access to such data can be limited by setting an additional password. In addition, the data is encrypted on a number of levels which prevents them from reading by unauthorized persons. ANNIVERSARIES - stores various anniversary dates. In this way you will never forget your wedding anniversary or a birthday or name-chief. However, when it comes to birthdays of the databases that you add people to the database, you can select the computer to automatically remind ceremonies concerning the selected person. NOTES - as the name suggests are used to take notes, which are equivalent to yellow sticky cards to monitor or refrigerator. INTERNET ADDRESSES used to store important web addresses of servers to which such access on the password. CALENDARS - a preview of calendars on a monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly and annual basis. The graphically presented are the days in which you have scheduled an event such as delegation, meeting, anniversary dates, etc.. Personal contacts are used to store the contact details of people with whom you contact. In addition to phones and addresses for each contact, you can add a picture or file attachments. Moreover, a single click you can see on a map where the person lives! These data no one except you will not have access. BUSINESS CONTACTS like these are used to store address information but also companies and people with whom you are keeping business contacts. Other staff are running mAsystent will have the possibility to view and modify the data entered in this space. What's more you can prepare print personalized documents such as attendance, contracts, circulation cards, etc. HISTORY CONTACT mini CRM module is used to remember the history of contacts with the database of business contacts. With this module you can check when the last customer contact with your company, and you may contact concerned. You can set reminders for example, contact with the customer for weeks. With the history of contacts you can create a directory of people such as patients with a history of disease, etc. POSTAL ACCOUNT - This module is available only to you (no one else in the company does not have access to this section) allows you to view an e-mail to various accounts such as personal or business. With it you can before you download e-mail from an Internet server to delete the unwanted list. The program includes a module for the removal of spam advertising letters, etc. It can also be used to support a single e-mail account by the number of employees. NEWS - plug-in module directory WORKING TOGETHER can prepare messages visible for all workers using mAsystenta such as meeting with the Head of hours. 15th Based on the message, you can also create a knowledge base. Each message can contain a question from a customer and a description of solving the problem. In addition to the message, you can add any documents such as MS Word, Excel, etc. FORMS OF DOCUMENTS - like the above module is available in the directory WORKING TOGETHER and is used to store design personalized business documents. In this module, you can prepare your prints letters to the data from the database of a private or business. So that a quick way to print such cards circulating for employees or contract immediately with customer data. Just select a template document. Then specify what data is to be printed i .. In addition, the program can alter the names of Polish people and to distinguish between sex so you can generate documents containing phrases Dear Madam, Sir, etc. OTHER MODULES - the program has several different modules of information such as weather reports, TV show, weather, exchange rates, list of Polish names, registration, postal codes and much more which you access a limited from the Folder List.